Dolph works for his daddy with his brother, Lips Papaya, but they are big meanies to him. One day, investigating a plane crash, he finds a winning lottery ticket, cracks his mean brother across the head and makes a runner. Now what?




Lips Papaya‘s very loyal to daddy and a very mean to his brother, Dolph. Now that Dolph is AWOL, he will stop at nothing to hunt him down. Even if that makes him really sad, since he, troubles aside, loves his brother very much and thinks he’s really smart and talented.




Hit is a big, blue, armless man-thing. He’s been through the ringer. He’s seen some shit. Now he just wants to find someone with whom to share his life.




Sav is a happy go lucky, weirdly shaped thing. Some people say Sav might be way too quick to fall in love. But these people are all dead now.




Hurray Mr. Morais! Losing your house, job, family, pets, health, dignity, hope, and joie de vivre has never been so much fun!





Skeleton and rock are the stars of the world famous webcomic Lonely Skeleton. It’s about a skeleton who lives alone in a planet. He sometimes talks about philosophy, love, death, fear, and other stuff, with his best friend, a rock.