Intrude on someone else’s private affairs, why don’t you? The intermission continues! We’ll be right back with Dolph and his crazy adventures.

Frame 1:

Frame 2:

MAN – My point is…

WOMAN – Oh God… Please shut up…

MAN – My point is that I feel that anytime I express a concern about us, you immediately explode…

Frame 3:

MAN – It’s like I’m living with a big bomb, or something, that will go off if I say the wrong thing.

WOMAN – So don’t say the fucking wrong thing!

Frame 4:

MAN – Can’t you see that that is a form of aggression?! That all you succeed in doing is making me fear to speak my mind even when I have a solid case!

Frame 5:

Frame 6:

WOMAN – What? Are you judging me? Why? You don’t know what we were arguing about! You don’t know what he said! You don’t know me, him, or anything about our lives! Why don’t you have some fucking empathy?!