Lonely Skeleton #60

Frame 1:

ROCK: That’s not true. You’re not absolutely free.


Frame 2:

ROCK – Your perceived freedom is only an illusion created by the lack of a meaningful choice. It is, then, a fake freedom, for it is confined to the limits of being. You see, you are, therefore you can’t not be.

Frame 3:

SKELETON – Yes I can! I just need to jump into the big black hole.

ROCK – Yes. Then you’d be gone. You’d be nothing. Oh! Except no, because you have to be something in order to be. And nothing is nothing, which is something you can’t be, because for there to be a you (a you that is) there has to be something (that is you)…

Frame 4:

ROCK – Ergo: You’re not free.

SKELETON – I’m free to hate you, you sadistic bastard.

ROCK – Heh. Yet you don’t.