Frame 1:

Frame 2:

LIPS PAPAYA – Daddy? I’m sorry… I have bad news–

DADDY – Did you not find a disaster scene?

Frame 3:

LIPS PAPAYA – We did… But something happened…

Frame 4:

DADDY – What was it?, boy? A car crash? A fire? Was it a flood?

Frame 5:

LIPS PAPAYA – It was a plane crash.

Frame 6:

DADDY – AAAAAH! Lovely! Haven’t had one of those in a while. Describe it to me.

Frame 7:

LIPS PAPAYA – There was a giant beanstalk of smoke, and the debris stretched for about 100 meters. Part of the wing remained intact. It said Bryan Air. The metal twisted and hissed in the fire.

DADDY – Details, boy! I need details!

Frame 8:

LIPS PAPAYA – A burnt suitcase was spread open and there were Batman pants inside. A man was still sitting, hand on his chin, like if he was thinking, except he was burnt to a crisp and his melted fat dripped all over his seat, which was about 50 meters away from the main wreck–

DADDY – YES! Juicy, nutritious details!

Frame 9:

LIPS PAPAYA – –another dead man was holding a mint condition winning scratch card…

DADDY – Hahaha! What an asshole!