Frame 1:

DADDY – AAAAAAAH! What a lovely meal!

Frame 2:

DADDY – So… let’s take a looksee at that winning card, then.

LIPS PAPAYA – That’s what I’m trying to tell you, daddy! I don’t have it! It was Dolph… He–

Frame 3:

LIPS PAPAYA – He went mad! He killed me and took the card. I don’t think he’s coming back…

DADDY – ¬†Dolph… abandoned his Daddy?

Frame 4:

DADDY – NOOOOO! DOLPH! My son! My favourite son! The only smart and good looking son I have! How could he betray his own flesh and blood?!

DADDY – How my ashen heart burns in freezing flames!

Frame 5:

LIPS PAPAYA – I-I’m sorry Daddy… But I think I know where he went… I can find him… and kill him, sir…

Frame 6:

DADDY – YOU LITTLE SACK OF SHIT! You were always jealous of your kid brother because he’s so much better than you! You’re loving this, aren’t you? I bet you are, you sad, snivelling puss faced loser!

Frame 7:

DADDY – But yes. Find him and kill him. Thanks a b-bag.

LIPS PAPAYA – *snif* Yes, Daddy.