Frame 1:

DOLPH – Oh Lorna… Things haven’t been easy for this old boy…

Frame 2:

DOLPH – All I ever wanted was to escape Daddy’s domineering grasp…

Frame 3:

DOLPH – But I ducked it all up and just fell into another hole. So what’s the moral of this story?

Frame 4:

DOLPH – Charles’s Bukowski’s tomb says: Don’t Try. But you know what? Bukowski was full of shit.

Frame 5:

DOLPH – He tried more than anybody. Bastard was 50 and still trying to be a poet. So kablooey to all that jam. Trying is all we have. So I will keep on trying.

Frame 6:

DOLPH – I still have my winning scratch card. So first I’m going to claim my prize, and then I’m going to claim MY LIFE!

Frame 7:

CLERK MAN – Ok, so you won 10.000 million Aarvarian Moneis which, at the current conversion rate will pay you… hmmm… $0.00001. Congratulations!