Frame 1:

DOLPH – Lorna, my love! Pack your shit! We’ve gotta go!

Frame 2:

LORNA – What? I told you on the phone, Dolph! I ain’t going nowheres with you! You’re a murderer!

Frame 3:

DOLPH – But baby! I had to kill Lips! He was gonna tell daddy about my winning scratch card!

Frame 4:

LORNA – It don’t matter the motive, sweetie, he was your brother! How long ’til I get on your nerves and you rationalize a reason to hurt me?

Frame 5:

Frame 6:

DOLPH – Lorna, you make a very good point. I can see how eloping with a man who has just committed an insane act of violence, even if it was against a big meanie who was going to tell daddy, might seem like a mistake. You always were the smart one. Goodbye my love!

Frame 7:

DOLPH – Oh, God… What do I do now?!